Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Edge of Sanity

The danger of working hard on some blog posts is that it makes one reticent to post except when one has the time and energy to write something thoughtful and interesting. Unfortunately, creativity often comes from setting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) regularly, and waiting for inspiration to work its fickle magic. This is definitely the approach I take in science, but there I have the added impetus of other people's papers to prod me to think about new things.

Anyway, today I'd like to share with you my appreciation for Dan Swano's band Edge of Sanity. I have physical CDs for Purgatory Afterglow and Crimson II (the second of which is really just Dan Swano, not the entirety of Edge of Sanity), and I've heard Crimson many a time. Today, though, I'm listening to Spectral Sorrows for perhaps the first time. I'm feeling a bit abstracted, and don't really want to re-read the paper which is the basis for this week's assignment in the class I'm TAing, but this album is making it go down smooth as melted butter (which is to say, it's a bit too thick and I want to gag a little, but at least it's smooth). Swano does a good job of infusing classic rock sensibilities into what remains very clearly death metal. Most of his melodies have a distinct groove to them, and his songs are rarely short on the sort of hooks that make pop music so infectious. Someday I'll work up the energy to give his Pan Thy Monium albums, which are a Frankensteinian combination of jazz and death metal, the careful consideration they deserve. Today though, I want something a bit simpler, and Spectral Sorrows is definitely hitting the spot.

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