Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Album of the week

Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines

God only knows what runs in French rivers, but I'm glad the Perrier is exported internationally. Perhaps some of the magic in albums like this and the work of Blut Aus Nord will rub off on the rest of the world. Although only three songs long, Ruines Humaines is an exemplary piece of music which pulsates with raw emotional intensity. Amesoeurs make this fervor seem completely natural; the music itself is often quiet and introspective, replete with clean female vocals and acoustic guitars. This calm surface hides a sleeping juggernaut. Amesoeurs doesn't seem to have any particular problem with the world. Whereas other bands wallow in suicidal despair or petty satanism, Amesoeurs' songs seem to communicate the intensity of the experience of life. I probably couldn't understand much of the lyrics even if I spoke French (three cheers for black metal!), but that never seems to matter with good metal. These songs could easily be about a grassy field covered with wildflowers on a sunny day. In the case of Ruines Humaines, it would simply be a grassy field seen through the lens of half a gram of cocaine and 25 mg of 2C-T-7.

Through the magic of free association (juggernaut -> X-men -> Saturday morning cartoons -> G.I. Joe), I strongly recommend you visit the following site of creatively editted G.I. Joe public service announcements. Number 15 is a classic, but in general the later episodes are better than the earlier ones. Start at the end and work backwards. Non. Sequitur.


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paladin said...

Oh man you are right, this is a great album. A shame that it's so short though.