Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blood Battle!

Caltech distributes shirts that say "MIT: Because not everyone can go to Caltech" at MIT freshman orientation event, hack the tomb of the unknown tool, rework engraving on top of building 7, etc. Cute

MIT steals Fleming cannon from Caltech and transport it across the country after convincing Caltech security that they have been legitimately contracted to move this revered and tradition-bound object. Cannon is fitted with giant Brass Rat and displayed beside the Green Building Stunning

MIT and Caltech conduct joint electronic career fairs - Pointless

MIT and Caltech conduct a competitive blood drive GRUESOME

Can you believe this?!?

MIT/Caltech Red Cross Blood Battle
Event Type: Blood Drive
The winning school will be the one with the highest ratio of # blood
units donated : # of registered students (undergrads and grads).

There is very clearly a pecking order among American institutions of higher education. The set is only partially ordered; one example of these relations is: Harvard > MIT > Caltech > Harvey Mudd. Students at each school resent the next school higher in the chain and are convinced that they share some sort of elaborate rivalry, but barely acknowledge the existence of the next school lower in the chain. Egos are funny things.

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