Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gradations of doom

Paradise Lost: (0.3) death-doom
Anathema, Katatonia: (0.9) doom-death
My Dying Bride: (1.4) Doom-death
Runemagick: (17) DOOOOOOM-(death)


(Note: Scale may be nonlinear)

One of my great dreams in life is to create electronic music for which the baseline goes "dooooom dooooom dooooom dooooom." Boom is for the weak. Either that or death metal a capella.

In other news, I feel obliged to note that later-day Morbid Angel is so fantastic as to surpass the not insignificant expressive power of the English language. Heavy, precise, menacing, and pitiless; both lyrics and melodies capture and render concrete the abstract notions of insanity, suffering, and death. What Wicked and Grendel did for the antagonists of The Wizard of Oz and Beowulf, Morbid Angel does for the arch villains of more simplistic but thus more uncompromising and absolutist fare such as The Neverending Story. Morbid Angel writes music not about gods, but incarnations. While an angel of death is a fearsome thing, entropy and nothingness are considerably more frightening. One can bargain with the devil himself, but entropy answers to no man. This is truly the Music of Erich Zann.

I'm so tired! Switzerland has laws which prevent employers from compelling their employees to work late into the night (hence my inability to purchase anything after 8 or 9 pm). I think there should be similar laws against scheduling conferences that begin at 9 am on the weekend.

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